Quest 2016

One of the most remarkable features of mankind and civilisations has been to constantly evolve and move forward. This process is relentless and indeed, inexorable. From being a petty hunter and gatherer to agriculture and then to Industry, humanity has come a long way in fully exploiting the inherent desire and potential, to improve and evolve. The underlying process and the phenomenon that has pushed us to a level of unprecedented growth, especially in the last century is nothing but "ENTREPRENEURSHIP". While 18/19th centuries belonged to an era of inventions, discoveries, germination of new ideas and concepts, the last one saw the growth of applied sciences leading to technological leap. 'Invent', 'innovate' and 'create' became the buzzword and the Industry was quick to respond. The really smart ones saw immense possibilities in creating a business venture that produced products, processes or services and marketed it for profit.