My Experience of Industrial Visit to UNO MINDA, 17th September, 2019

An industrial visit to the UNO MINDA
September 23, 2019
Workshop on Stress Management
September 25, 2019

My Experience of Industrial Visit to UNO MINDA, 17th September, 2019

An industrial visit was organized by Jaipuria Institute of Management, Ghaziabad, for the MBA I year students of Batch 2019-21. We were taken to the “UNO MINDA, Acoustic Division” which is situated at Manesar, Gurugram. Students were welcomed by the HR of the company, and we were taken to their DOJO room, where the training of the employees take place. The Marketing head of the company gave us the brief description about the company, which are as follows-

  1. Company was started in the year 1993 by Nirmal Kumar Minda.
  2. This company deals with the making of horns especially, as it was acoustic division.
  3. Their major customers are from India as well as from international such as Ford, Toyota, BMW, Maruti, Honda etc.
  4. Horns are being made for two wheelers, four wheelers as well as heavy vehicles such as trucks, etc.
  5. Their major turnover was about 9000 crores p.a.
  6. UNO MINDA is leader in horn making in market as they have the 52% sales in the market share for the two wheelers.

After the brief description we were taken to see the process how the horn in being made. The marketing head showed us the presentation about their customers, competitors, etc.

My key learnings from the visit:

The major things I learned from this industrial visit was how the things were managed by the different departments over there. Management functions such as planning, organizing, coordinating was smoothly followed by the company. Principles of management such as division of work, order, responsibility, discipline were also being followed by them. Apart from this they also perform the CSR activities by building schools, helping NGOs, etc.


Nitanshi Yadav

MBA I Year

Batch 2019-21

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