Executive Development Programme on Achieving Success Through Effective Communication

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March 29, 2018
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Executive Development Programme on Achieving Success Through Effective Communication

4th May, 2018 at Ginni Filaments, Panoli Mills, Bharuch, Gujarat
7th May, 2018 at Ginni Filaments, Kosi Mills, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh

Quality written and oral communication is not only about expressing your views; it’s about making your views understood. Someone has to do the work—it shouldn’t be your audience.
Peter Drucker

Relevance and Importance of the Programme:

Communication is one of the most powerful skills humans possess.Today’s workforce is in the throes of communication overload. They need to navigate an unending stream of information and trends in a fast-changing world. A few are born with a natural knack for effective communication, but the vast majority of successful communicators actually learn the tools and tricks to reach the pinnacle of success. The ability to communicate well is central to our capacity to perform effectively.

With the kind of technological advancements we have had in all the fields, the world has become very small. There has been a considerable increase in diversity, globalisation, and fierce competition all across the world. This VUCA world poses a very big challenge before the professionals today – the challenge of communicating effectively and efficiently. An altogether new set of communication competencies are required today to achieve success. The current programme will cover basic as well as finer aspects of verbal and writtencommunication that will significantly contribute to achieving excellence and will build and enhance the competencies that would help the professionals attain a competitive advantage.

Programme Focus:

The focus of this one-day programme is to help the professionals understand and hone the communication competencies. The programme aims to:

  • Enhance personal communication effectiveness
  • Enhance workplace communication skills
  • Understand communication barriers and overcome them effectively
  • Develop leadership communication competencies

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding that we are unique and have our own map to guide our communication with others.
  • Putting across your brilliant ideas confidently
  • Collaborating and connecting to achieve targets.
  • Achieve desired results with stronger skills verbal and written communication.
  • Forming mutually beneficial interpersonal relations.

Programme Outline:

  • Communication is a Process orThe Science of Communication
    • 7 Cs of Communication
    • The communication cycle
    • Importance of Feedback
    • Barriers to Effective Communication
    • Verbal vs Non-Verbal Communication
  • Essentials for effective verbal communication
    • Avoiding redundancy in language
    • Choosing right medium to transmit message
    • Subliminal Messages
    • Public Speaking
    • Presentation Skills
  • Building Blocks of Powerful Writing
    • Effective written communication
    • Writing to express not to impress


  • Videos
  • Role Play
  • Experiential Activities and Games
  • Presentation to ensure knowledge sharing

Chief-Patron: Sh. Shishir Jaipuria, Chairman

Patron: Dr. S.K. Mahapatra, Director

Conveners: Prof. TimiraShukla, Dean

Conveners: Prof. Yusuf Mehdi, Assistant Professor

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